Questionnaire Cover Letters and Questionnaire

We have made several questionnaire cover letters to choose from for sending out with questionnaire.

Your team may choose between any of the questionnaires and / or questionnaire cover letters when mailing out to your local churches to find assemblies that still teach sound doctrine or are seeking to restore what has been eaten up by worms / caterpillars / and others who have cast the Word of God behind them in order to “please men” or for “filthy lucre sake”. But we are persuaded better things of you since you not only endure sound doctrine but will defend it as long as we are on this earth.

The first original cover-letter a few years ago = pdf printable   , with space for address label that was made as duplicate when making them for legal size envelopes.

The next cover-letter done in 2018 = pdf printable , but no space for labels on letter size paper

The last cover-letter done in 2019 = pdf printable , also no space for address label to stick onto 8.5 x 11

The only questionnaire we have so far is this one = Questionnaire 2016