Locking up the site notice. 6/07/2019

We will not be adding any more literature or tracks to this site until requested by a number of those who have gotten the shirts and are busy working in their county / city. We want the local leaders to feel solid in that they won’t be promoting a web site that could change it’s information or theology all the sudden and leave them looking as though they are a part of whatever the web site may start “preaching”.

Until a body of local leaders is set up through admin @ evangeagain.org e-mail correspondence, only existing editors can change their pages in the future for slight grammatical errors. We set this site up so it would be self supporting on the local level after it’s initial posting of information. I am not able to keep working on adding literature or editing the web site until/unless I get healed. (Isa 57:1) We set this site up in the beginning so that it would not need any maintenance except paying for the domain name reg’ and site hosting every 3 years. As we stopped adding or changing literature on this site we also will feel more secure that the literature we / I contributed won’t be tampered with. “Gird your loins with the truth and keep your lights burning”(Luke 12:35).

As we put all new publishing on hold, we hope to continue and check the shirts @ and admin @ evangeagain.org e-mail boxes to keep shirts available for purchase and for help/support in getting the questionnaires out so local leaders can have information to help them make referrals to those that hunger and thirst for the truth. Hopefully, though we haven’t contacted this supplier, shirts may still be purchased with qty. 12 minimum through alternate/original printer – try colorfxtshirts at nwi.net . If unsuccessful with them the EvangeAgain logo t-shirt-logo.ai is available at http://EvangeAgain.org/documentsĀ 

Let the Lord be magnified !