Changing strategy for site notice. 12/04/2019

We have changed the title / main page to reflect our newer mission of trying to provide meat to those who can still endure “sound doctrine” and will not be adding any more literature or tracks to this site until requested by a number of those who have gotten the shirts and are busy working in their county / city to evangelize again like in the old days. We are still trying to add documents as we seek need for restoration of the doctrine that leads to godliness. Hopefully Pastors will make use of the research done so far and use documents for bible studies and restoring what has been “eaten by the worms” realizing it is due season to start giving their congregations meat and no more time to waste with a lot of gooey milk toast type watered down you’re ok, I’m ok speeches.

Until a body of local leaders is set up through admin @ e-mail correspondence, only existing editors can change their pages in the future for slight grammatical errors. We set this site up so it would be self supporting on the local level after it’s initial posting of information. Regarding tracks we give full authorization for those who want to use the tracks to just put their church address alongside or over the logo at the end of each track since the site documents are more for those that are not new-borns in Jesus and have a good God fearing foundation before they start to access the site directly. I hadn’t realized how much “Christians” could not handle any God-Fearing or taking away of the “eternal security” doctrine until we were out there in the streets for a while and got little support, just “casting my word behind you”. Still hoping for the latter rain tho’ and Joel’s revived crew to get into action. I battle major afflictions to keep working on adding literature or editing the web site so pray for a miracle healing if you want to see more docs comming. (Isa 57:1)

We set this site up in the beginning so that it would not need any maintenance except paying for the domain name reg’ and site hosting every 3 years. As we stopped adding or changing literature for the most part on this site we also will feel more secure that the literature we / I contributed won’t be tampered with. “Gird your loins with the truth and keep your lights burning”(Luke 12:35).

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Let the Lord be magnified !