Admin Group by-laws


AdminGroup : Comprised of 3 or 5 God fearing born again Christians who stand/confirm that they support this web site and it’s writings/documents made by contributors inspired by the God of Israel to strengthen and admonish the followers of Jesus Christ the Son of God.  God is bringing 5 elders together who want to preserve the / .com site since sound doctrine needs to be available. Though the One-World evangelical professing Christians won’t be able to endure sound bible teaching more and more as the coming of the Lord draws near we seek to teach basic christian fundamentals, which are being put aside in the name of peace,harmony and inclusiveness,  even “persecuting true believers born after the Spirit thinking they’re doing God service”, as Jesus warned us. John 16:2, Galatians 4:29

Rules for the AdminGroup will be:

  1. only add contributor documents/writings if they get a 4 out of 5 yes vote from the Admin’ Group… these will need to be put into html pages through WordPress page maker app’ that comes along with NameCheap domain hosting which we need to pay for every 3 years
  2. only modify any existing pages or .pdf public documents if they confirm with a 5 out of 5 unanimous yes vote
  3. elect yearly a single admin from among the group to oversee site maintenance issues ; a) domain name registration renewals along with SSL certificates, web site hosting renewals and page additions after getting 4 out of 5 confirmation from admin group at yearly group meetings. b) Add “area” mailboxes upon request and confirmation that area leader wants to lead their local area t-shirt witnessing team(s) to propagate the gospel of the Heavenly Kingdom who’s King is Jesus the Christ who was crucified and rose again from the dead and sits at the right hand of our Almighty God
  4. Local area leaders who also agree on 90% of the site documentation will be in charge of local area church/home-churches referral research list to have available and in charge of procuring T-Shirts that bare the logo and organizing printouts of tracts and / or Logo Cards.

Admin Group will decide when and if t-shirt and/or tract purchases should be sold by way of this web-site to offset costs of maintenance for web site. In time reimbursement from sales might be given to voted-in admin for different duties such as; group and area manager management/t-shirt and track sales as so defined and confirmed by majority AdminGroup votes. Site maintenance is paid up until summer of 2023 for domains and hosting and up to 2029 for domain names .org and .com registration. So far, no problems to keep sites up but be vigilant anyhow: “for the devil as a roaring lion roameth about seeking whom he may devour” and to be “as wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove”, our Lord Jesus said.

that we should “earnestly contend for the faith once delivered unto the saints” knowing that if they did those things to a “green tree” what will they do to a “dry tree”

Founder and Publishing Editor Rich Wagner