Admin site notice and updates. 3/08/2023

We changed the title / main page months ago to reflect our newer mission of trying to provide meat to those who can still endure “sound doctrine”. We are still adding documents with their sidebar links as we help in restoration of the “the doctrine which is according to godliness”  (I Timothy 6:3). Hopefully Pastors and Teachers who love Jesus (the Truth) will make use of the research done so far and use the posted documents for bible studies and restoring what has been “eaten by worms” (Joel 2:23). Hopefully Pastors and Bible Teachers are realizing it is due season to start giving their congregations some meat ( ICor 3:2, Heb_5:14 ) and that there is no time to waste with a lot of gooey milk toast type watered down you’re ok, I’m ok, speeches! Romans 11:22

While we are setting up a group of God fearing leaders to maintain this web site. We tried to make this site so it would be self supporting but maintenance needs to be done at a minimum of every three years from someone in the admin group and that’s if we can set up auto-ssl so it’s not a yearly update to site certificates so viewers don’t get a warning sign about security even though no private information is needed or gathered anyhow.

Regarding tracks we give full authorization for those who want to use/print the tracks for witnessing or promoting the EvangeAgain web site. You can put your church address under the logo at the end of each track.

The site documents are more for those that are not new-borns in Jesus and have a good God fearing foundation. We are still believing / praying for the latter rain and Joel’s witnessing crews to get into action. Afflictions make it hard for current Admin/RichW to add documents or edit the web site so pray for him to keep strength and find healing.

Also we encourage others that agree with pre-wrath or mid-trib’ teaching to contact us via Admin or Carolinas if you want to contribute docs or for us to post links to your web site. Pre-Wrath and Mid-Trib’ being the safest for the flock, pray for Jesus/God/Holy Spirit to keep giving us more docs. (Isaiah 57:1, Ezekiel 33.34)

We set this site up in the beginning so that it would not need any maintenance except paying for the domain name reg’ and site hosting every 3 years. We have slowed down adding or changing literature for the most part on this site but still have drafts of docs we would like to see finished and posted.  If you are mid-trib or pre-wrath and have drafts you would like posted please send them to us for review and possible posting. We exhort the faithful followers to “Gird your loins with the truth and keep your lights burning” (Luke 12:35).

3/08/23  – Updated /fables page and removed link to pdf of old one.

Let the Lord be magnified !

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