Links and Notes to help send out questionnaires

Here are some notes to help orange/blue shirt organizers send out questionnaire forms to local pastors and teachers of Bible scripture.

Hopefully the shepherds are not teaching from versions of the Bible that “translated from’ / used the Westcott and Hort corrupted Latin Vulgate manuscripts that were eased into the mainstream churches since the middle 1800s.

We have one questionnaire cover letter that is made to leave space for a label to be attached so you can just make two copies of each label, one for cover letter and one for business size envelope.

 2016 original pastor cover letter

And two other newer Pastor / teacher / church questionnaire cover letters that don’t leave space for label to be attached and has been worded to reflect newer letters/documents added to this web site recently.

Pastor cover letter 2018

Pastor cover letter 2019 

First thing helpful would be to gather pastor names and addresses for your local area and put into .xls or OpenOffice spreadsheet.

Next thing helpful is to obtain an area @ email account from the admin @ so they can email you with the completed questionnaire response. A local area email box isn’t totally necessary because you can come back to them later to pick up the completed questionnaire in person instead, yet it is nice for several reasons.  This site has the fall back of being self-supporting so if the admin @ evanageagain responds to emails be happy until an admin_group is set up via the admin_group by-laws. Currently a work in progress though there is that little problem of people “not enduring sound doctrine” in the “last days”, yet “Charity hopeth all things”

Here is a .xls form to start with if you want to use it;

Click here to download pastor xls template

I used one like above that was populated with Name, LastName, Church, Street, City, State, Zip columns.
After getting data and populating into .xls or .xlsx, you have two options.

One option is to get Avery label database generic program from and import/mailmerge from .xls or exported .csv file. You can get Avery Wizard program at;

Other option is almost the same but uses online design and print wizard from ,,
choose 1) address and labels 2) double click on 5162 labels ( 1 1/3 X 4 on full sheet )
3) go to Customize tab 4) remove graphic by clicking on to highlight and hit delete 5) make text field bigger by clicking on and dragging edges out to outer edge of label 5) click on left side import data / mail merge section to get right to the data enter part 6) click on start mail merge button 7) click on browse for file button and select the .xls or xlsx or .csv file that you have ready. Choose arrange after you see your file and have unchecked unwanted fields and header title row. E.g we had extra column for email info that I unchecked while I also unchecked on left side of title row since we don’t need to print column headings. Now we choose arranage fields, where we can drag and drop them across to our blank left side putting multiple columns on one row for FirstName, Lastname, next line being Church Name, next line being Street, then last line being multiple rows for City, State, Zip. After arrange fields side is populated from drag and drop, choose Complete Mailmerge button. You’ll see all the labels get populated with your data from .xls or exported .csv file. Choose save button to save online or to local computer for later printing or go ahead and print it out. You’ll want two copies, one for cover letter and one for envelope. I need to add more to my spreadsheet so I get multiple pastors names and mail outs to bigger churches which means I will go though online wizard again after .xls is updated. I should also add the youth pastor(s). Some bigger churches might not even know what doctrine the youth pastors are teaching if doctrine gets taught at all any more since people “won’t endure sound doctrine”. Our church didn’t know that they were teaching the youth doctrine contrary to our church doctrine for years, which was my fault also not being involved enough and handing over my children to whoever to get nourishment. “The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going.” (Pro 14:15)
A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished. (Pro 22:3)

If you don’t have MS Office Excel program, you can install OpenOffice and make a spreadsheet and save as .xls so it will mailmerge into Avery online design or installed Avery Wizard app’. Here is a link to OpenOffice download

If I find out later that we can do this printing to labels right from OpenOffice mail merge functions I will add info to this page. Please let me know if there is a way direct from OpenOffice at admin @ and I will re-post this howto. I was just winging it so far on this to help people out there get the questionnaires out so the orange shirted soul concerned can find and refer to good churches those that “hunger and thirst after righteousness”. God will bless you for working in the fields.